Glitter, Glitter and more Glitter

My first glitter purchase

Okay, I have a confession…I am a crafter that doesn’t like glitter. I don’t know where it began but I have an aversion to it. I am the parent that sneaks after the boys go to bed and toss their latest school creation with loads of glitter into the trash under some other stuff so that I am not found out.  I even cringe when the holidays roll around because I am convinced it is a requirement for teachers to use glitter on almost every project for three months straight.

Why don’t I like it you ask? Well it’s messy. I can’t get rid of it in my car when I transport these lovelies home and they get on my clothes and skin for days after I have discarded them.  Over the last few years, I have found glitter glue my new friend. I like that it pretty much stays put.  No worries.

Well who said I can’t change? I came across the most beautiful autumnal cards that featured beautiful stamps that where colored and then enhanced with glitter. I touched the display and found not much on my finger. So I openned up to the possibility as I talked with my crafter friends while at a crop. They told me the glitter glue is pretty but not as sparklie as real glitter.

So I took the plunge and bought some glitter today. Oh and I couldn’t resist the little Halloween dog stamp.  I have not opened the glitter up to try them yet. I feel like a cat that doesn’t like water. I am hesitant to open even one jar for fear that I will forever be covered in glitter.  But I shall perservere.

So here are the glitters. I will post my first sparkalicious sparkalicious (yup I made that word up) creation once I complete it.  And who said you can’t teach a old (using the word gently) crafter new tricks?


  1. I don’t like glitter either

  2. Oh, I love glitter, but I can’t seem to get the right mix of putting too much or too little. It’s nice to try though, since glitter does make a difference to some pieces of work! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!


  3. Oh I’m looking forward to seeing the most wonderful cards of yours with glitter on them. Go on, take the plunge, you won’t regret it! Who cares if you have glitter in your hard, I often go out with it on my face and then someone tells me…oops! Show your creative glittery side! Karen T 96 x

  4. Hi Belinda, popped over to reply to your lovely comment on my WOYWW post this week – thanks for taking the time. Like you, I was late to the pleasures of glitter but now I wouldn’t be without it, especially iridescent white – it’s perfect for snowy and icy winter scenes. You could always experiment with various ways of trying to stop glitter shedding everywhere – spraying with hairspray is worth a try, or you could try Spray & Shine from Crafter’s Companion . Whatever you do, you have a lovely selection of colours there. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x

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