Fun Photos Friday – #3

Mickey Pancakes

Mickey Pancake

Well, well, well, let me set the stage for this photo. At first glance you think, wow that is an amazing pancake, I sure would love to have one that looks like that now nevermind how exciting it would be for a child.  Well Leao and I had gone to this breakfast nook one day and loved it. We saw that on the menu they had Mickey Mouse pancakes so we thought wow we have to have the boys come here and try them.  The next week we take them and ordered one for Nicholas who is 8 and Apollo who is 4. I took pictures of them and cut into Apollo’s pancake.

What do you think my boy did?  Cry, that’s right you heard me right, cry. He did not like that I cut up the Mickey Mouse Pancake.  Oh boy, was I the bad guy or what?  So finally Leao was able to convince him to eat it, but not before the whole restaurant knew his initial reaction.

When you think you know your kids, guess again.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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