Fun Photos Friday #21: Outdoor Reading

Hello, happy Friday!

I think every year we welcome spring with open arms. The winters seem to be becoming more brutal and down right freezing.  So it makes the yearning for spring strong.  We have as you may have seen in older posts, a screened in deck.  During the winter we move things to our garage and throw a tarp over the table and chairs.  When we think it’s time, we will clean off everything and out will come all my pillows and decor and that becomes our sanctuary.


While it is still not quite warm enough, there is still another little place that is one of my favorite reading nooks that I can enjoy even before we can pull out the deck stuff. It’s on the stairs on the side that leads up to the deck.  It always gets really sunny and warm here. So on decent days recently I have come to spend my lunch hour reading and eating there.  Yesterday two beautiful Crocuses greeted me while I sat to read.  They are the first bloomers in my yard and they are sure sign of the warmth to come. Wahoo!!

I thought my book would look nice next to the flowers for the photo and help represent one of my favorite things to do – reading in nature. I am listening to one book club book on audio and reading a book from the library for another book club.  This one is an African American Historical fiction.  I will be sure to put a review up when I complete both.

Well I hope you all get to find some time with nature even a few minutes. After this long winter, I welcome every opportunity.

Have a blessed weekend!


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