Cyber deals! New Copics!

My new Copics markers.

My new Copics markers.

I buy most of my Copic markers online from one store: Carpe Diem Store.  They have the best prices and if you order a bunch you can have free shipping.  So when they sent me an email with markers on sale for $4.19 each I almost cried.

Most people search for big electronics on Black Friday and I search for craft deals.  I had put my purchasing of markers on hold for a while.  But the deal was too good to pass on and I really needed to get more colors to add to my collection.

They arrived today and I always add them to my color chart to see how far I have to go to complete the set.  I like looking at them before I put them in my carrying case. It’s a little ritual.

I look forward to using them on my future projects.

Happy deal hunting!





  1. I will have to check out that store. I usually purchase mine from Dick Blick. Happy coloring.

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