Circuits and Watercolor

circuitsandwatercolors1Apollo has a natural interest for building and creating. This past year, he has picked up a bit on the Legos building. But I noticed that Apollo wants to create something. He always talks about what if I created something that could do this or that. Then he started taking different things like springs and removing bulbs from christmas ornaments and trying to make something. So Leao pulled out a beginners’ circuits kit and this boy is so happy. He just keeps going. He loves seeing what function each creation has. Leao told him when he finishes these he will buy him the next level up. It’s like magic watching him.

circuitsandwatercolors2Then he comes and explains to me what he did and shows me what it does. I love it.

Recently while in Target I found a great watercolor pad and brush set on clearance. Since I am now exploring that medium, he has been watching and so I thought we could ride this journey together.

circuitsandwatercolors3The paper is okay quality but good for the beginner. The brush set is pretty cool. I don’t even think I own all these brush styles.

What makes me happy is that I can see what Leao is able to instill in Apollo with the circuits and I with the watercolor and crafts. I hope he keeps both interests and finds joy with them for years to come.

Have a blessed day friends!



  1. That is so awesome! You never where it will take him

    • Thanks Maria! I hope he keeps himself open to all creative possibilities. In the meantime, I will help him get his fingers covered in paint!

  2. You may have a future electrical engineer or architect on your hands! You never know what that smart creative little boy might grow up to be!

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