Happy Monday – Spring is in the air!

My art wall.

Despite the sharp drop in temps today, I am excited about spring. So I have started updating my office decor with some spring elements.

Remember those butterflies? I finally finished them and hung them up. Because they frame some windows, it is hard to capture the sparkle from the holographic paper. I also spot some paper flowers and some bunnies. The lovely woman with books is a cute print I bought on Etsy and being a bookworm, I had to keep it up.

Butterflies flying in my office reading nook.

I decorate for the seasons in my home so there is no way I will miss out on my office. Decorating for the seasons keeps my office fresh and motivates me.

The lighting doesn’t allow you to see them so well.

I hope you are having a wonderful spring day. Happy Monday!

Fun Halloween Decor

halloweendecor1Uh oh…I apologize for the email spam yesterday for those who subscribe. I was shutting down my computer yesterday and accidentally posted the rough draft of this post. I quickly pulled it before it went live but unfortunately, I can’t stop the email once they are sent.

Any way, ditch that old email and check out this post which actually has some photos. I have a great area in my craft room where I often display photos, my boy’s artwork and seasonal décor. I decided that I needed some Halloween pieces so I headed over to my Silhouette and cut out these cuties. Joan would be pleased that I assembled them without assistance. She is one of my crafty friends that laughs because I always have some craft assembly project that puzzles me and I ask for her help.


One of the great things about having my Silhouette is I can whip up things fairly fast to display in the house. So it will be fun to see the boys notice this little Halloween village when they enter my craft room.

I hope you all are having a blessed day!


Halloween craft: Making a Halloween Village

halloweenhouses1A few weeks ago, I was in Michael’s with the boys and Nicholas picked up all these Halloween house kits in the clearance section. He said, we should make these and I was so floored that I quickly put them into the basket.  So last week, we all sat around in or PJs and each one picked a house to assemble.

halloweenhouses2Nicholas picked the Ice Scream Shop and with a little help from Leao made this masterpiece above.

halloweenhouses3I was stuck with the largest structure. I think it was because I let the others choose first.

halloweenhouses4Apollo chose the Tricks or Treats shop and he even put real candy inside.

Leao had the Spooky doctor house. Which he claims came out the best but I kindly reminded him that we were not in competition.

It was really fun and took quite some time and now we have them displayed in the kid’s hang out room (no longer play room because  I have been informed they are too old for play rooms!).

I hope you all have a fun Halloween and a great weekend!


Home Decor: Miniature Winter Village

I put them on one of my display shelves in my craft room.

I put them on one of my display shelves in my craft room.

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to share my latest little project.  I bought these 3D cut files during Silhouette’s big sale last week. It is a little winter village and they are sized to fit on to small ledges, windowsills or shelves. When I saw them,  I just fell for the simple white theme and I knew exactly where I would  put them. I placed them on my display shelf in my craft room where I usually display cards, pictures or my boy’s art work. But I decided I want to fill the shelves with winter decorations.  So I am looking for more cute projects to display on the shelves.

I apologize now for all the pictures but I wanted to capture the different angles.

They fit so nice on the shelf.

They fit so nice on the shelf.

The  houses came with fences and trees. I debated whether to put another tree on the other end of the shelf.  But as you can see below on the other end the cutest little bench that came with it as well.

Look at the cute little park bench.

Look at the cute little park bench.

These shelves are right at the top of the stairs and now I smile every time I pass this little village.

This is the view from the front.

This is the view from the front.

I kept the houses white and I added little wreath embellishments that I also found on sale at the Silhouette store.

I will be sure to post pictures of some of the other projects I am working on once I complete them.

Have a blessed day!




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