30 Day Coloring Challenge #4 – Day 1

challenge_graphic-June-650Do you remember the coloring challenge I participated in last year?  Well if you do, it’s back!! Kathy at The Daily Marker is at it again. She hosted it three times last year and each time, I try to complete it.

The Challenge begins today, February 1st and ends on March 1st.  All I have to do is spend a minimum of 5 minutes and color each day then share what I am creating. They don’t have to be finished cards or projects, just coloring. I like this because for me it takes the pressure off and let’s me play. So on some days I might have something complete and on others you will just see what I’m playing with. I will mostly be using my Copics, but I will also use my watercolor paint, watercolor pencils and distress markers from time to time. I hope by blogging and putting my stuff on Instagram, I will stay honest to the task.

To find out more if you would like to participate you should click here.

I do notice a lot of people completing projects already on day one but I am not going to let that discourage me from joining in.  Today I had every intention of spending a fair amount of time coloring however, some work and an extremely long phone call robbed me of the opportunity to stay with it long.


Today, in honor of Black History Month, I chose to use a coloring book that my friend, Kathryn gave me for the boys.  She thought it would be both fun and educational. I love it because rarely do you see a coloring book about slavery. It seems now it is all the craze to have “adult” coloring books. I have had this for years now and many others. So perhaps I can use this challenge to actually color up the pages in the many in my possession!

I recently bought some more Prismacolor pencils that were on sale. They are the scholar version which is probably a bit lower grade quality but it had so many more colors, I thought I would give them a go. I am noticing that the colors are not very vibrant but I will keep playing around with them a bit to see what I can do. Perhaps the muted colors match the solemn topic.


I selected the page with Harriet Tubman and started coloring her up. I often find myself taking so much time to pick which color combinations to use but I am trying not to let that hold me up so today I picked more plain colors to fit the setting. I was not able to complete it and I must go make some dinner but maybe before bed I squeeze in a little more time to complete this page.  It’s quite relaxing because you focus on what you are doing rather than letting your brain run wild. I hope you will join in the fun. Let me know what your coloring?



Happy coloring and I will see you tomorrow!



  1. Hi, Belinda! Your colouring looks pretty, keep it up!
    Your story made me tkinking about “adult” colouring books. That’s right, slavery books are rarely seen in this segment.

  2. You are right, don’t let complete projects get you down! I should say you are off with a great start, so keep it up! 🙂

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